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  • Bơm chân không Orion KRF25A (Dry pump)

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  • Bơm dầu bôi trơn SKF FLMF (Electrically operated vane pumps for use in oil circulation systems)

    FLMF allows the pump to be flange-mounted on the reservoir (FLMF) both vertically and horizontally. When installed on the side (horizontally), the unit should be mounted above the maximum lubricant level.
    High suction capacity (3 m)
    Designed for 24/7 operation
    Delivers oil and air mixtures
    Fail safe running functions

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  • Bơm dầu SKF MKU (MKU gear pump unit)

    Function principle Electrically operated gear pump
    MKU; MKL mineral oil or synthetic oil, 20-1500 mm²/s
    MKF fluid grease NLGI 000 or 00
    Number of lubricant outlets 1
    Metering quantity 100; 200; 500 cm³/min 6; 12; 31 in³/min
    Operating temperature +10 to 40 °C +50 to 104 °F
    Operating pressure max. 30 bar 435 psi
    Capacity of the reservoir 2,0; 3,0 and 6,0 l 0.5, 0.8 and 1.6 gal
    Material (reservoir) plastic, metal
    Connection outlet G 1/4
    Protection class IP 54
    Voltage 24 V DC
    115 or 230 V AC; 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions depending on reservoir
    2 l; 0.5 gal plastic 204 × 130 × 298 mm 8 × 5.2 × 11.7 in
    3 l; 0.8 gal plastic 286 × 132 × 298 mm 11.3 × 5.2 × 11.7 in
    3 l; 0.8 gal metal 286 × 132 × 313 mm 11.3 × 5.2 × 12.3 in
    6 l; 1,5 gal plastic 290 × 178 × 334 mm 11.4 × 7 × 13.2 in
    Mounting position vertical

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  • Bơm màng Yamada NDP-15BAT (Diaphragm Pump)

    Nominal port size 1/2″(15A)
    Connection to liquid Inlet Rc1/2
    Air connection Inlet Rc1/4 (with an air cock)
    Exhaust Rc3/8 (Equipped with a muffler)※
    Air supply pressure range 0.2~0.7MPa
    Maximum discharge pressure 0.7MPa
    Discharge volume/cycle 70mL
    Limit of slurry 1mm以下
    Weight NDP-15BA□:4.1kg
    NDP-15FVT :4.3kg

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  • Bơm màng Yamada NDP-25BSN (Diaphragm Pump)

    Nominal port size 1″(25A)
    Connection to liquid Inlet Flange JIS 10K 25A or equivalent ※
    Air connection Inlet Rc3/8 (with an air cock)
    Exhaust Rc3/4 (Equipped with a muffler) 0
    Air supply pressure range 0.2~0.7MPa
    Maximum discharge pressure 0.7MPa
    Discharge volume/cycle Rubber diaphragm type: 600mL
    Fluorocarbon resin diaphragm type: 500mL
    Limit of slurry 3mm or less
    Weight :

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  • Bơm màng Yamada NDP-P20 (Diaphragm Pump)

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  • Bơm mỡ ESCO EA166SG-3B (400ml grease gun (key type))

    Nozzle length 170mm Flexible hose length 230mm
    Tube size φ60 × 300mm capacity 400ml
    Working pressure 0.59MPa Inlet Rc (PT) 1/4 ”
    Nozzle screw size R1 / 8 \ ” Applicable grease Bellows grease

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  • Bơm mỡ ESCO EA991CM (Grease Pump)

    NLGI-0 to 1
    Maximum discharge pressure-49MPa
    Pipe length-375mm
    Nozzle length-170mm
    The greases EA991C-1 to -3 and -11 to -13 can be used without any change.
    Applicable grease Bellows grease、Hand grease

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  • Bơm mỡ Yamada SKR-55EX (Grease Lubricator)

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  • Bơm tay ESCO EA990K-5A ([Manual] Kerosene Pump)

    Application-Kerosene, light oil, and solvent
    Discharge rate-6.7L/min
    Suction pipe tip diameter φ15mm

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