Bộ điều hòa tủ điện APISTE ENC-GR1000L-eco

Cooling capacity(W)980
Rated Voltage(V)Single-phase AC200~240
Mounting typeSide-mounting
External dimensions(mm)H730×W300×D260
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Mounting typeSide-mounting
Cooling capacity(W)980
Setting Temperature Range(℃)25~45
Use Area Temperature(℃)20~55
Use Area Humidity(%RH)10~85 (No condensation)
External dimensions(mm)H730×W300×D260
Coating ColorMunsell 5Y 7/1 Equivalent color of light beige
Rated Voltage(V)Single-phase AC200~240
Consumption Current: Rated(A)3.0/2.8
Consumption Current: MAX(A)4.3/4.1
Consumption wattage: Rated(W)454
Consumption wattage: MAX(W)678
Vibration ResistanceEquivalent to JIS Z 0200 Level1
Dust prevention / dust proof protection classEquivalent to IP54 (internal circulation route)
Refrigerant / Fill ration(g)R1234yf 240g
Noise (dB (A))Approx. 72
External OutputAlarm output (No-voltage/normal open: resistive load 250V 2A), Can be switched to no-voltage/normal close by setting
DisplayInternal temperature/Error/RUN

*Cooling Capacity : Rated capacity value when ambient temperature is 35°C and ambient humidity is 40%RH , power source & voltage : 200V. (Measuring specification :JIS B 8615-1 the inside of a air enthalpy test method)
*Use area temperature / humidity : Use area temperature / humidity is not meant to satisfy all conditions in temperature and humidity.
*Rating Value : 35°C ambient temperature, ambient humidity RH 40%, power source & voltage : 200V.
*Maximum Value : The ambient temperature at MAX value has specification separately.
*Use the product keeping the use power supply and voltage; within ±10% of rated power supply and rated voltage.
*Consumption current and wattage are values during cooling ope ration.
*Dust prevention / dust proof protection class : Excluding drain pipe section
*Reading an instruction manual well certainly before use and p lease use it right.

External dimensions

ENC-GR1000L-eco External dimensions

Diagram of Panel Cutout

ENC-GR1000L-eco Diagram of Panel Cutout

Capacity characteristic chart

ENC-GR1000L-eco Capacity characteristic chart

To ensure proper operation of this equipment, read the operation manual before use.
Depending on model and quantity, separate charter delivery may be arranged (additional costs apply).
Overseas at the time of delivery, we recommend packing for overseas separately.
Please check through the cooler between the FA and the power (circuit breakers) to the appropriate specification of the FA breaker cooler.
Cause of failure and be used at the rated power supply out of range.
Please use the service and maintenance on a regular basis.
Failure to maintain regular maintenance, you may be a factor in product performance degradation trouble.
When the outside temperature is low in winter, please do not let the FA cooler continuous operation.
When disposing of this product, you should comply with various laws and regulations, please go to the appropriate.