Dây điện ESCO EA815DS-1 ([With Super High Sensitive Breaker] Cable Drum)

Allowable current-22A(※Capacity value of cable)
Socket-outlet qty-4 pcs
Socket-outlet rating-2P, 15A, 125V with earthing
Cord spec.-VCT2.0mm2 x 3 cores
Cord length-30m
Earth leakage current sensitivity-6mA
With a folding plug
With over load and short circuit earth leakage breakers
Earth leakage can be interrupted without shutdown of the main power supply.
With temperature sensor (manual reset type)
Use while winding the wire, it will be cut off automatically when the electric wire temperature is 80 ℃. Please be restored manually after cooling.
Leakage breaker overload current-15A