Khoan chạy bằng pin ESCO EA813RD-5 ([Rechargeable] Screwdriver Drill)

Battery 12V Nickel Cadmium Battery 2.0Ah
Recharge Time : 45min
Chuck Capacity : 2.0~13mm 
Max. Torque : 26Nm
Rotation Speed : Low-Speed :0~350rpm, High-Speed :0~1050rpm
Capacity : Ironsmith :13mm(Board Thickness 1.6mm), Woodworking :25mm(Board Thickness 18mm)
Size : 76X200X240mm
Weight Body :1.7㎏, Battery :1.65kg
Accessories : Battery Pack ×2 Pcs , Charger , Belt Hook , Case
With Forward Reverse , Variable Speed , Second Changed Gear , Brake , Key Less Chuck
Spare Battery : EA813RB-12C
Additional explanation It can be described as the specifications of the main body or related products. (2016.03.04 0993)