Máy hút bụi AMANO PIF-120 MBL with finefil filter 3P 380V 50Hz

Máy hút bụi AMANO PIF-120 MBL with finefil filter 3P 380V 50Hz

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Máy hút bụi AMANO PIF-120 MBL with finefil filter 3P 380V 50Hz

Amano Puls Jet dust collectors PiF series are fully automated functions and dependable operation for any type of dust collection applications such as cutting, drilling, mixing, loading, and many other works. It suite for the automotive industry, chemical manufacture, electronic manufacture, and many other industrial applications.

Molded filter

Pulse jet

General dry dust

Max. airflow

Premium efficiency motor


  • Intelligent Dust Collector with Auto Pulse Jet Type
  • Middle Air Volume from 60 to 180㎥/min
  • 5.5kW/7.5kW/11.0kW Package type dust collector
  • Differential pressure sensor
  • Use-friendly message
  • Various combination of dust discharge


Molded cartridge filter


Material: Polyester
Surface treatment: –
Corresponding models: PiF
Application: General dried particles

  • Collecting efficiency: Good, For dust having a particle diameter of about 10μm.
  • Heat resistant temperature (F) : Normal temperature 40˚C (104˚)
  • Dust removal: Pulse jet

7 type of filter are availabe

Nanofiber filter option without extra cost

  • The nanofiber filter area has a about 2.5 times lager than standard filter.
  • Dust is collected with a nanofiber layer and can be easily removed with plus jet.
  • By large filter area and reducing the filter filtration speed, that make life of filter loneger than ever.
  • Nanofiber has self-extinguishing function, it prevents fire from dust collector.

Automatically controls the fan speed
Built-in inverter automatically operates with the set value of air volume. (Fixed motor rotation speed is also possible)

Automatic pulse jet
Automatically start puls jet for filter cleaning

Automatic data logging
QR code will be displayed and get error and operation history. it can be retrieved as CSV data.

Automatically notify the status of the filter condition
The condition (differential pressure) of the filter is displayed on the LCD as an icon.

Remote control
It can be operated in conjunction with production machine.

Inverter control
– Air volume control by an inverter is superior in energy saving effect to volume control by a damper.

– By automatically operating with the air volume set by the inverter, it is possible to prevent excessive volume operation that causes clogging of the filter.