Ống nhựa Totaku Rigid Duct-PP đường kính 65mm

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It can be 10-20% lighter than the former model(made of PVC)
Can be bent freely, and be installed while keeping the bent angle (Please use this in indoor environments.
The ability to keep the bend angle will be lower by the rise of the using temperature. )
By twisting the duct end, the diameter can be varied Easy to cut with knife
By screwing into each end of the connecting ducts,they can be easily combined (After connecting them, please wind the joint parts with a vinyl tape, etc.)
Possible to incinerate after hose used.
For spot coolers
For ducting and blower of air-conditioners
For dust collecting of woodwork machine and metalgrinding machine, etc
For construction site, piping and wiring of electricity, and agriculture, etc
FluidAir (blower)
Temperature-10 ~ 80
Function・Duct (blower)
・Heat resistant
・Can be incinerated by fire after use
・Excellent medical durability