Tem nhiệt NiGK TB-65

Tem nhiệt NiGK TB-65

Irreversible plus reversible indicator to check current and past temperature

Temperature range:65~90℃
Non-RoHS compliant

Reversible Irreversible Semi-reversible

This combination label consists of an irreversible temperature-indicating element (temperature label)
at the center of a reversible THERMOSHEET™ base.
Trace temperature history with the irreversible label and current temperature with the reversible sheet.

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Tem nhiệt NiGK TB-65

Type Temperature indicating element(irreversible) Base(reversible) JAN Code
Color Size Temp
TB-65 65 White→Black 11 mmφ 70℃
Red←→Dark brown-purple

Yellow←→Yellowish orange

30 x 30 mm 4582130421734
TB-70 70 White→Reddish orange 4582130421741
TB-75 75 White→Dark red 4582130421758
TB-80 80 White→Blue 4582130421765
TB-85 85 White→Deep indigo 4582130421772
TB-90 90 White→Red 4582130421789

Structure cross section