Thiết bị đo lực IMADA DSV-500N

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Thiết bị đo lực IMADA DSV-500N

Digital Force Gauge for Handheld (Advanced Model)

DSV series

Digital force gauge DSV series is advanced model for handheld use with 2N to 1000N capacity. DSV series offers all DST functions with additional features including tilt-sensing function, which improves the repeatability, making this model the best solution for handheld testing.


  • Sounds alarms when you tilt it to right,left or up,down from the preset positiont to ensure high repeatable testing
  • Great portability with long battery life (lasts 30 hours continuously at max), and various charging methods (charges from a PC or a mobile battery)
  • Easy data management using supplied software Force Logger via USB connection to PC
  • Allows high efficient testing with continuous peak mode
  • Internal memory function (1000 points) to recall previous data
  • DSV Series Standard Set