Thiết bị đo lực IMADA eFA Plus2

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Desktop Force Amplifier

FA Plus2/eFA Plus2

FA Plus2/eFA Plus2 is desktop force amplifier used in various measurement applications by connecting desired sensor. It is ideal for integration into facilities or used as a part of factory automation due to its simple box-shaped design. Its high sampling rate 2000Hz ensures high reproducibility of peak value testing and continuous data graphing. Next Series (Firmware Ver.5 or later) evolved for greater performances and extended functions, including enhancement of testing stability by further noise reduction, and additional functions (firmware), various software and instructional manuals downloads from IMADA download site.


  • High sampling rate (2000Hz) for accurate results, capturing small changes and accurate peak values by following rapid changes of force
  • Ideal for integration into facilities due to the box-shaped design and separated sensor
  • A wide range of load cell available to meet various test applications (Adjustment is necessary when changing the sensor)
  • Improves efficiency of testing using the equipped I/O functions for combining with external devices
  • Next Series (Firmware Ver.5 or later) equips extended functions such as additional functions and software downloads from IMADA download site