Thiết bị đo lực IMADA HTGS-2N

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Thiết bị đo lực IMADA HTGS-2N

Standard Type Handheld Digital Torque Gauge

HTGS series

Handheld digital torque gauge HTGS series is standard type offering high functionality and accuracy with 50N-cm to 10N-m(1000N-cm) capacity. It is ideal for torque measurement of tightening/loosening a screw/bottle or turning a rotary switch etc. It comes with data logging software.


  • High sampling rate (2000Hz) for accurate results, capturing small changes and accurate peak values by following rapid changes of torque
  • Easy data management using supplied software Force Logger via USB connection to PC
  • Reduces risk of misreading values with easy-to-read high luminance organic EL display
  • Handles a wide range of samples with various optional attachments
  • Optional software Force Recorder Light/Standard available for real-time graphing of torque vs. time at 2000 data/sec on PC, visualizing small changes of torque for detailed analysis of results
  • HTGS-5N