Hộp đồ ESCO EA612SB-38B


Description : [56 Pcs] Tool Set

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Set details56PointCase size430(W)× 225(D)× 225(H)mm (Made of steel)
Weight14.5kg3/8” socket (Hexagonal shaft )8・10・12・13・14・17・19mm
3/8” deep socket (Hexagonal shaft )10・12・14mm3/8” hex bit socket5・6・8mm
3/8” ratchet handle180mm3/8” extension bar75・150mm
3/8” quick spinner31mmRing wrench (45°Long )8×10・10×12・12×14・14×17・17×19・22×24mm
Spanner8×10・10×12・11×13・12×14・14×17mm(+) resin handle driver#1×75・#2×100・#3×150mm
(-) resin handle driver5.5×75・6.3×100mm(+) resin handle stubby driver#2×25mm
(-) resin handle stubby driver6.3×25mmRatchet magnetic driver109mm
(+)Bit#2×22・#2×30・#3×25mmHex bit4・5・6mm
Ball pin hammer730gBall point hexagonal key wrench (9Pcs )1.5・2・2.5・3・4・5・6・8・10mm
Adjustable wrench250mmCombination pliers200mm
Long nose pliers165mmNippers159mm
Double-lid tool box with built-in trays that are deployed sideways upon opening for a glance of stored items.
The two different types of carrying trays are detachable where you can easily carry around.
The built-in handle that is stored flatly allows you to carry the case by just “lifting up” from the stored state. Handle is stored under its own weight when you put down the case and release the handle.
The corners are rounded for the safety of humans and objects.
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