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3M Zeta Carbon C12DBR53S Filter Cartridge

Part Number: C12DBR53S


Brand3M Zeta Carbon
TypeFilter Cartridge
Max Temperature °C80
Max Temperature °F176
O-Ring / Gasket /FPM
Dimensions / Weights


3M™ ZetaCabon Cartridge Filters

Activated carbon is a highly porous carbonaceous material that is characterised by a large internal surface area providing exceptional adsorptive properties.
Pores within the structure can be classified into different categories depending on their size: micropores (25 nm).
Activated carbon can be produced from different sources such as peat, lignite, pine wood, coconut shell, etc.
The raw material influences the pore structure of the activated carbon; as an example, activated carbon made from pinewood has a wide distribution of micro, meso and macro pores, whereas activated carbon obtained from coconut shell is typically microporous.

Features / Benefits

  • Less fire risk and almost no carbon
  • After initial flush of the cartridge, there is minimal release of carbon fines in the filtered solution
  • Decreased process time because of constant flow rate filtration and efficiency
  • No product rework because of consistent performance
  • Activated carbon is fixed and the flow is forced through the matrix that increases efficiency
  • A single step is used as decolourisation is combined with the filtration step Reduced costs in solvent recovery

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Operating Temperature 80° C (176° F)
  • Recommended Flow 3 l/min

Typical Applications

  • Cosmetics
  • Chimicals
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals