Tem nhiệt NiGK 5E-210

Five measuring points at 10℃ or 5℃ intervals on one label

Number of element: Five
Temperature range:50~250℃
Content: 20pcs/pkg
RoHS compliant

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Product feature

  • 5 level temperature indication
  • Irreversible, single-use
  • Available in 2 types / 5℃ increment and 10℃ increment
  • Color change method utilize melting point of refined meltable pigment to achieve high accuracy.
  • Color change element is completely sealed in heat-resistant film to avoid environmental affect such as water, chemical, oil etc…
  • Self-adhesive and easy to apply on various location. (The back side is coated with heat resistant adhesive material)
  • Product numberTemperature combination(℃)BeforeAfterAccuracyJAN Code
    5E-170170-180-190-200-210Pale yellowblack±2-3℃4582130420898
    5E-210210-220-230-240-250Pale yellowblack±3℃4582130420904