Bộ điều khiển AS ONE 1-4599-01

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  • Since temperature control is microcomputer type proportional control, compared with ON-OFF control, the small stable temperature control of hunting is possible for it.
  • Since right and the reverse action are possible if the switch of side of the body is changed, not only a heating machine machine but temperature control of cooler machines, such as an air conditioner, is possible(inductive load devices can not be connected).


  • Model number: I type
  • Temperature settings range: -20 – 100℃
  • Temperature settings: Analog scale method (scale width 1℃)
  • Temperature control system: Microcomputer type proportional control
  • Sensor: K class thermocouple
  • Sensor size: φ4 x 200mm (code length: 1.7m)
  • Connection capacity: Resistance load MAX 12A
  • Safety device: Circuit breaker
  • Power supply: 100VAC 50/60Hz
  • Main unit size: 75 x 127 x 55mm