Đèn sửa sản phẩm Rolence Ultra-lite 1000E (Dual) (LED Curing Light)

Incorporates blue and violet LEDs to achieve broad-band wavelength range of 390 to 480nm output to virtually polymerize all the light-activated porcelain material (including sanitary wares, dental material, glass-ionomer containing products) in the market.
2. A halogen-like solution at L.E.D. long life time; a durable choice indeed.
3. Highest light-energy output 2,000 mW/cm²; 3 second super-fast curing.
4. Polymerize a 2-mm-thick composite resin specimen just in 3 seconds.
5. Four Modes preset, including cycle curing for orthodontics.
6. Light guide rotates 360˚ to access any curing part of mouth.
7. Optional fiber optic curing tips in different diameter are available.
8. All curing tips are sterilizable to achieve higher clinical infection control.
9. Super high-capacity (2,600mA) lithium battery inside supports 500 cycles of 5 second curing prior to re-charging.
10. Palm-size, light-weight handpiece for comfortable hand holding.
11. A perfect product for clinicians with smaller hand.
12. A built-in Light checker in the charging base.