Khoan pin ESCO EA813CF-7

Product number:EA813CF-7

Product name: DC36.0V vibration driver drill (rechargeable)

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ManufacturerHiKOKIModel numberDV36DA (2XP)
battery36V (lithium ion 2.5Ah)charging time25 minutes
Rotation speedLow speed: 0 to 500 rpm,
high speed: 0 to 2100 rpm
Drilling abilitySteel / Aluminum: 16mm,
Wood: 102mm,
Mortar: 20mm
Screw tightening abilityWood screw (with pilot hole): φ12 x 100 (L) mm
Machine screw: M6
Two-stage rotation speed switching (high speed / low speed)
Tightening torque 22 steps
With LED light and battery level indicator
Highly efficient and economical brushless motor adopted
size204 x 78 x 262 (H) mmweight2.3kg
accessoriesBattery x 2, charger, (+) # 2 bit, side handle, resin case
Resin case set
When a sudden load is applied to the tip, the slip clutch operates, or the controller built into the tool body stops the motor, reducing the phenomenon that the tool body shakes. (Reactive force control function / RFC)
Large holes can be drilled, greatly expanding work applications
Significant improvement in continuous work performance