Thiết bị đo lực IMADA ZTA-1000N

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High Functionality Model Digital Force Gauge

ZTA series

Digital force gauge ZTA series is high functionality model with 2N to 1000N capacity. ZTA series offers all ZTS functions including high sampling rate for high reproducibility and various data output function. Moreover, it featured with additional functions including displacement I/O and direct connection to USB flash drive, which enables direct data storing without PC. Next Series (Firmware Ver.5 or later) evolved for greater performances and extended functions, including enhancement of testing stability by further noise reduction, and firmware updates and various software downloads from IMADA download site.


  • High sampling rate (2000Hz) for accurate results, capturing small changes and accurate peak values by following rapid changes of force
  • Reduces risk of misreading values with easy-to-read high luminance organic EL display. Allows customers to customize the contents for the three sections of the display screen
  • Improves testing versatility by various data output options such as USB, wireless, and serial communication, which allows data management on a PC and combination with external devices
  • Allows easy data acquisition and management with the included USB cable and software. By using with optional software real-time force-time/force-displacement graphing also possible
  • Equips additional functions such as displacement I/O (linear scale required), direct connection to USB flash drive, and 1st and 2nd peak value detection